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Racing News 21.03.17

 Our first race meeting at Snetterton proved fruitful as we took 3 podiums in 3 races on the big Harris, thanks to everyone that has helped out

Especially Motul oil and Venhill Cables




Racing News 15.03.17

This year we are campaigning a Harris Kawasaki in the CRMC Classic Superbike Championship with Chris on board as usual, Last year we had a test run at a couple

of race meetings with moderate success so this year we hope to challenge for the championship. First round this weekend at snetterton, we will keep you posted.



Alex Mayhew 31 05 75 –Alex Lewis-Mayhew 05 10 15


Complications following cancer finally took Alex from us all. He leaves a devoted wife , Rachel, and a 6 month old daughter , Augustyna. His wife fought tirelessly and with some success to extend his life, but in the end it was not to be.

Alex was born to enjoy mechanical and electronic things. Even as a toddler he would often be found with tools in his hands .  As he grew older his inventions and adventures sometimes led to a Hospital visits, his Mother worried that too many visits might result in him being taken from her care as a child contender for some “at risk” register.

His early aptitude matured until he finally left College as National Apprentice of the Year, going on to work for a large building company. He showed exceptional woodworking skills and with later promotion   became their national trouble shooter, where   his uncanny abilities were used  to solve problems with electrics, electronics and computers , as well as buildings.

He finally followed his heart to join North Leicester Motorcycles, the family business, in the workshop. As he became more expert , many motorcyclists appreciated his “laying on of hands” to their bikes, seemingly making light work of any m/c problem. The Company still enjoys many tools and devices he made to assist work. He worked there until he was too ill to work, but even then he would try to attend to assist when he could.

Alex developed to include inventions, self-taught engineering, fabrication, welding  and all sorts of associated skills which he put to use in scratch- building a 3 wheeler for his private use, it looked a lot like a  pre-war Morgan. He used no plans or kits in the building of his Guzzi powered device with his development of a maxi scooter auto gearbox. The finished article had great mechanical merit which was no surprise from Alex, but perhaps the artistic and aesthetic appeal surprised quite a few, especially as it was built in personal time on a shoe string budget.

For a man who was born, bred and lived only in Leicestershire , Alex earned a wide International circle of true friends. He will be sorely missed by us all for his humility and humanity, nor will his many friends ever forget his quirky wit and generous nature.

His funeral  on October 22nd 2015 was packed with his many friends. His coffin was uniquely personalised with large photos of the man at work and at play. He was beautifully pictured with his wife and child, at work in NLM’s workshop as he welded and turned at the lathe , and on his favourite Morini which he called the Beast. There can be few coffins showing a Morini wheelying off the top of the Mountain at Cadwell, piloted by Alex who always enjoyed life to the full.

The funeral procession from the church was led by an equally unusual contraption , a 3 wheeled hearse, being part motorcycle , part cab, and part hearse. It was ridden by friend, owner and Vicar who also brought along a M/C and sidecar hearse combination in Alex’s memory ,  as it was one of the first which Alex helped to build and perfect  at NLM in early days of his Motorcycle Funerals business. These were followed by Morini and other M/C riders, and then assorted cars and vans which even include classic and exotic offerings, which Alex, as a true petrol head, would have thoroughly appreciated. Thank you to all of you who attended , and thank you too , for all the generous donations in Alex’s memory which were directed to the Paediatric Brain Tumour Research Centre at Queens Medical Centre ,Nottingham who did so much for Alex .Typically. Alex repaid them as far as he could with appearances on radio, TV, and in papers publicising their work.





Unleaded petrol    Where we stand

 A small document explaining our  position with regard to unleaded fuel, the effect on most bikes and in particular older Moto Morini ( please click on the  unleaded tab )



Bonneville 2013

Bonneville 2013. Another Morini successfully takes to the salt flats; a Dart this time, just to be different. Well done Jarl Wathne [often seen on his record breaking  Parilla] and Morini pilot Rebecca.



alex morpher

Please look out for our workshop & engineering manager Alex (far right in blue) in the new series of Motor Morphers 8pm Channel 5 Mon 20th May

He and his team turn a giant beet harvester into a demolition wrecking machine!!!

essential viewing for all petrol heads and friends of NLM.



-Italian restaurant Totos in York have been inspired by the Gilera poster
they have on their wall. Now we are proud to have been able to supply the
metal to match the poster. A proper tough little working bike too; not only
an exhibit. It still has its scrutineer's seal attached from the Moto Giro
d'Italia 2012


Gilera 150


We have just braced another Morini 250 Swing arm for a customer who is building a 375/250. see the before and after pictures below



Ethanol in fuel

Ethanol is also paint stripper. Beware. Whether your tank is old, or freshly repainted, a few drips of ethanol-laced fuel accidentally splashed during a refill  is guaranteed to damage. If you feel it is appropriate, please send your letters of thanks to your local MP ,as our Government has been  so thoroughly conned that they think it is a good idea to insist on Ethanol in  fuel. If you want to mention that ethanol in fuel is hard to justify since it  costs more to produce than oil based fuel, and it reduces the performance  of your cherished bike, and it causes severe rust inside the tank, and it causes damage to motors , mention that too !

If you want to write an even  longer letter, remind him  that poor people are going hungry in the USA as their Farmers are so heavily subsidised to "grow" fuel, that they are  growing far less food. Is this genuine insanity ?.

There is some good news. It is strongly rumoured that the top, expensive fuel on many Forecourts is free of Ethanol. It might cost 10% more,  but mpg is improved by 12% so it really costs nothing, and you surely want to do everything you can do to avoid ethanol, despite the strong element of rip-off to the concept of charging extra for a decent fuel when it costs less to produce than the rubbish fuel.   

Hope springs eternal --more on Ethanol Nov 2012

Our UK Government trots out platitudes about reducing red tape on small businesses , but we seem to get more heaped on us rather than less.  This same superfluous red and blue crew regurgitates the Party Line in favour of Ethanol---perhaps they know no better and just want to keep their well- paid jobs

In our little shop a recurring theme for discussion is the obscene amount of half witted legislation heaped upon us bikers from Europe and the UK. How refreshing then to read that someone in the European Government has a brain. They have recognised the insanity of farmers being subsidised with tax  payer's money to produce fuel instead of food. Their  latest talk is that  Ethanol could be capped at 5%. . This is not a victory as 0% is the right figure. but it is better than the 10% our "Westminster Wasters " are threatening

Are we not ruled from Brussels in reality?, at long last this  may be a bit of proposed legislation to welcome .


Festival of 1000 Bikes Mallory Park Circuit 7/8 July 2012


 The weather promised to be terrible .Entrants setting up on Friday night were squelching about in deep mud , and trying to avoid squalls of heavy rain. As if by a minor miracle Saturday turned out OK , and most of Sunday too .Some  resolute folk set off on Sunday from further away and were driven back by flooded Motorways and  resultant traffic jams, but at Mallory itself we basked in sun and had a lovely day. The Morini Riders Club had a very good stand in the Avenue of  Clubs--probably their best ever . Club Members supported them with the loan of  their bikes so that at various times during the weekend a beautiful Valentini  350, a silver Strada, a Scrambler 1200 and others were displayed. NLM made up the numbers with our famous 500 racer, and the two 175 Morini which were still in their travel- stained glory from recently completing the Moto Giro d'Italia    .

 Photo left shows Karl, the intrepid Moto Giro pilot of the 8bhp Morini Turismo, chatting with Dave [on the right] who has his red 500 standing behind them

 Photo right is the V8 Guzzi which has absolutely nothing to do with Morini  except they are both exceptional in their own right


Morini Riders Club Cadwell Track Day June 15 2012


 Yet again, the normal good luck held for the club and a record entry was blessed  with hot sun for most of the day , not really as forecast. Over 40 Morini attended and over 30 took to the track. Thanks to excellent organisation, riders were soon out on the track with little of the morning wasted .Our own bikes  consisted of three 350s, a freshly combined 350/501, and our Race 500--.They all ran beautifully Towards the end of the afternoon every one had many laps under  their wheels, riders were getting tired , and few were upset when the rain  finally showed . The photo on the right shows Alex from our workshop riding the racer which he has put together so effectively; it is normally piloted for racing by his little brother.


Moto Giro d'Italia May20-26 2012



 Team NLM entered a Morini 175 Trestte Sprint [no 33] and a Turismo 175 [no  36].Both started, both finished reliably ,only a puncture caused the tools to see the light of day. A lot of time and effort went into the preparation of each  bike and we felt rewarded when we rode past breakdowns [they were collected by a  Service van so we were not being horrible]. The pilots experienced extremes of  highs and lows. hail, torrential rain, sheet lightning, blistering heat, hypothermic cold, tops  of mountains higher than anything in the UK, bottoms of valleys, roads fallen out of sight, areas victim to earthquakes, superb food, hunger when there was none, brilliant organisation and utter farce, most of all great riding and great company with riders and bikes from many Countries. A fantastic experience and  long held ambition realised.


             http://youtu.be/AmZnBymxXdo               link to U tube video of a very Italian element of the Giro  --silly [slow] timed tricks in a car park !



NLM race 500 Morini in April 2012 guise. First time out this year in the new BEARS Championship. We took a first race class win, but failed to get out in  the 2nd race at all with some clutch disengagement problem. Our first ever DNS  [did not start] was a big disappointment as we know we can go a lot faster and  mix it for the big boys with 1000cc bikes. Our bike looks even better than it did last year and is definitely capable of going quicker , the photo is the only  one we can find , but as soon as we get something to show how truly great it looks , you can be sure we will put it up



Morini 350 double drum Sport fitted with 500 motor .March 2012  Just  restored and improved here after a very long hibernation in a wood shed [can you  see the tax disc ?]



The Classic Bike Guide magazine , Jan 2012 generously permitted us to reproduce this nice article" The Good Guys" all about US, here  at North Leicester M/Cs


Go on, click on and expand it, it's good


The Sunday Times chose to interview Stuart on the subject of Red Tape in a small business. A small part of what he said was printable and was reported in the business section on 27 11 11. More surprising  was a large photo taken in the Workshop



NEC Classic Car and Bike Show November 2011


Our Race Morini in pride of place on the Earlystocks Stand. It was much admired and caused a lot of interest. We were well pleased as it became  clearer that it was not just us alone who think it is photogenic


Morini 350 sets new class record at Bonneville Salt Flats  Sept 2011


Dan wrote


       Thought I would share my Salt Flat adventure with you and other Morini  lovers.

 I intended to run my '76 3 1/2 in the 350 pushrod production class but was  overcome with concerns that I could not prove it's authenticity , so I went  up to the 350 modified pushrod gasoline class. The only things that were  modified was the removal of the front brake and lighting equipment, all else  was totally standard.

      The first day I established a class record . I struggled the rest of the week with jetting and timing to gain speed, but it was the last day before I made any progress. I put in the leanest jets I had with me and set  a higher record..

     . It must be the worst place on earth to try to go fast. The altitude is  above 4000 feet and the salt surface has resistance to a rolling tire as  well as poor traction. Nothing will live there, no plants, no insects ,no  birds, no mammals other than a strange primate which tries to ride a  motorcycle faster than anyone else. The Salt Flats are so vast that you can  see the curvature of the earth. So maybe it is a good place to go fast! I know that when I returned home and fitted the new NLM ignition pick up , coils and CDI I received from you that the Morini seemed to run much better  and I found myself wondering if I should go back next year and go a bit  faster.

                                                                                                             Best to You,

                                                                                                               Dan Beher  USA


Third race for the NLM Morini

Mallory Race Circuit 25th September


In the first race the bike bogged down on the line , and so  got into the first corner nearly last from a grid position of 5th . Chris worked hard to recover to 4th in class .A better start in Race two saw him finish strongly at 2nd in Class.   The conditions were a bit changeable through out the day, we were lucky to go out when we did. Although the circuit  was wet,  we escaped the worst when Biblical rain left the next race almost invisible to the spectators. The Morini  is a credit to Alex in our  workshop who built it, having been untouched for our 3 outings this Year and  never giving us a moment's concern. .This was the last race of the 2011 Series , but the bike will  be on display at the NEC Classic Bike and Car Show. The Early Stocks Race Organisers requested it to be on their Stand as it well embodies the Spirit of the Formula, and no doubt because it is so  photogenic. It is not just us think so, every time we go out with it, there is a  steady flow of admirers talking to us all day. Nice!

left; Photo at Mallory shows our latest van with an action picture of the racer on it

right and centre; the same event but in action [great  photos--worth enlarging] 



Second race for Team NLM -- A WIN !

Cadwell Park-- Sunday 4th September


photo by Alan Horner

The rain hissed down on the assembled grid, as mixed a bunch of bikes as you could ever see . Two classes of bikes lined up together. North  Leicester M/Cs [NLM] again on the self prepared Morini 500, one of the older ,smaller capacity bikes. The smaller more nimble bikes hoped to be more  competitive in the wet. More than just wet, water was streaming across the track  , and standing in deep puddles in some of the dips.

The first race saw the rider , Chris Mayhew, make a poor start, getting into the first corner down in 8th or 9th .Working hard through  the race he built up to a 1st overall placing. , that is not only 1st in Class ,  but actually first overall., an amazing effort. After this race for grid positions in the main race, Chris tipped a gallon [or should that be 4.54 litres] of water from each boot, wrung out his socks and gloves and waited for  the next outing.

The second race of the day saw the Morini in pole position In  which decade did a Morini last sit on pole in any race?--answers on a 20 note please!. It was out-dragged from the flag into the first corner by the more powerful bike, so Chris settled into 4th position. On the 5th lap of 6 , an X7 fell off right in front of him which caused Chris to lose a couple of places, and allowed a couple of bikes including a Kawasaki 1100 to slip past, he went on to win while the Morini only had time to build back up to win the singles and  twins class, leaving us second overall and first in class. The bikes behind us included a Katana, Z750, X7, XJ700, LeMans, SRX600. and RD250. and  some of them were prepared in depth, to say the least!

A great atmosphere prevailed amongst the Competitors exemplified by a couple of riders coming up to congratulate Chris on a great  ride.

NLM are the well known classic Italian M/C specialists , based in Ellistown,and are the chosen MoT Centre and M/C Workshop for many owners both local and as far flung as some European Countries. The race Morini was prepared by NLM to it's very last nut and bolt, even the paintwork and design were  completed in House. They are justifiably proud.



First race for Team NLM with their Morini 500 at Mallory Park August 14th 2011


On the day of the race we were just a tad intimidated to find our opposition included some GSX1100s, several Kawasaki 750s,a couple of  Guzzi LeMans and other diverse bikes ranging from a Yam LC250 to a Manx Norton. We suspected our old pushrod 500 might be struggling to keep up!

The bike was built in our workshop by chief Morini Guru Alex , his brother Chris Mayhew was riding. We were trying some brand new rear  suspension from Hagon which transpired to be excellent, thank you Hagon.. The  bike was untried in Competition and we did not have much idea at all what we  were letting ourselves in for. Competitors and public alike were very supportive  of us trying to race with something so different, everyone was brilliantly  enthusiastic saying the Morini looked gorgeous, but we were wondering if it  could go as well as it looked .

We should not have worried, the day turned out to be great.  Alex had built a great little bike which performed all day without a hiccup. We almost finished with a 4th and a 2nd, ." Almost" because another rider  took our grid slot on the second race and in the confusion we got bumped down to 4th at a Stewards Enquiry. Cognoscenti will know that our best lap time of 1.03 minutes is nothing to be ashamed of.

We hope to be out at the next race on Sept 4th  at Cadwell Circuit, we might even get on the podium with a little bit more  development, 


who would have predicted that !


Photos from l-r 1] the rider with bike and van 2] the aspect which we hope to show more often to our competitors 3] the only race action  photo we have



Earlystocks Moto Morini 500 NLM Racer

Early GP inspired NLM Race pattern paint scheme, available from NLM. Fuel tank converted to air  craft filler type [av NLM]  Custom made  race exhaust system in stainless also available NLM. Bimota inspired braced swinging arm [av NLM] Progressive fork springs and front fork brace [av NLM].  Rear suspension units for fast road or track use , [developed by and av from NLM. .Motor gas flowed , lightened and balanced at NLM. . Fitted NLM electronic ignition system --pick up and transducers .                      left picture taken 03 08 11 shows racer at first ever practice session Mallory. It went well !  [Now with custom oil catch tray made by NLM]


Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park Circuit July 2011


The Show was the biggest and best yet. Beautiful weather too,  which seemed to be unlikely on Friday as there were flash floods all around us .  Well organised and attended in droves, it could not get much bigger as every corner of Mallory was in use. The Morini Riders Club had a strong diversity of models and a steady stream of interest throughout both days at their Stand  [pictured] on the Avenue of Clubs. Whichever way you looked there was something unusual and something of real interest; on and off track.


Track testing at MIRA June 2011


Sometimes we play on more than two wheels. Alex [workshop] and Stuart [sales] enjoyed trying a Ferrari F430, a Porsche GT2, an Ascari F1 Sports car and an Atom Ant  . That is definitely a good way to spend a day. for a change.


Morini Spares update June 2011

Pistons and rings

Our stock of 500 and 501 pistons and rings has been getting  dangerously low recently, giving rise to owner's very understandable concerns. Finally the worry is over , we now have sufficient. We  continue to also have all sizes for the 350

500 Main bearing

These have been completely unavailable for a while. We have  had some made and tested the pre production prototypes before, during and after the MRC Track Day [06/11]. They are now in Production and will be available  towards end of August 2011


MRC Track Day at Cadwell June 2011



from left to right that is Stuart [the boss and general  factotum] on the 350---- .centre photo is the Co van with some of our bikes around it----. On the right the 3 wise monkeys pose in the collecting area before going out to play , those monkeys are Alex [W/S Manager] on "the Beast"  which is now part way to being prepared for racing, Ollie [W/S Technician] on a 500 which we were using to test and develop new motor parts before we offer them [unused] for sale, and Chris [bike sales]. As is normal good luck for the MRC, the weather was excellent [until the last hour at least]. The event was  oversubscribed largely thanks to careful preparation work from Paul-E and the Club Team.. The range of bikes included lots of Morini , with riders from all  over the UK, Belgium, Holland & Germany ,and some very tasty non-Morini too, from 7Rs to Egli Vincent, with vintage road and race Velo, AJS, Norton, and MM  , even some bikes from Japan, all in the mix. We were happy to be there and help but all thanks and hard work are due to the Morini Riders Club


May 2011


This is one of a small fleet of Morini which we  have been pleased to recently restore for their Scottish owner; even better he  uses them ! His 500 is caught on camera taking in the beautiful view on the road  from Ullapool to Achiltibuie [You are recommended to expand this photo, you will wish you were there !]


MRC Track Day at Cadwell .Sept 02 2010



Yet again the Gods of Weather were kind to the Club, probably  as a reward for having put in a lot of hard work to make sure the day could  continue to be justified by a good number of entries. Although the total number on the Track was swollen by a few non Morini, the overall picture of swarms of Morini humming round was a sight for sore eyes

Photos l-r 1]Phil from our w/s.2] Stuart circulating gently 3].Alex  on "The Beast"


Burton and District VMCC Aug 2010


We took a couple of Vincent and enjoyed a beautiful day  growling round the countryside. The lunch halt [pictured] was in a private  Courtyard where the owners generously laid on a feast fit for a King. All outstanding.--- The weather , the food, the company, and the variety of  machinery 


Cholmondley Pageant of Power 2010


We were invited to play in his Lordship's back garden again  this Year, and enjoyed the Track which he has so thoughtfully provided around  his Castle grounds. Our Team consisted of a Moto Morini 1200 Veloce, a Moto Morini Tresette Sprint 175 [by way of contrast]. an Egli Vincent, and an Airone  250 Moto Guzzi. They all behaved impeccably during a weekend which was filled with every petrol- heads dreams .A really relaxed atmosphere was carefully preserved by thoughtful efficient preparation and top quality Marshalling. Definitely one of the best "do's" in the UK. The Mortons magazine  "Classic Bike Guide" attended , they were inspired by our Egli out of dozens of bikes there ,and ran a picture within their report captioned "Looks fast even stood still" Nice


-MRC at the Festival of 1000 Bikes. Mallory Circuit 2010


This year, for the first time, the club had a proper professional Marquee, the weather was kinder than in some years past, in fact it  was hot and windy so all the bikes there [1000s of them] got covered in a thick layer of dust. We were happy to help the Club with the loan of a couple of Morini, and they had plenty of Club Members bring along a good variety too. A beautiful Valentini Sport which we were very pleased to import many many years ago , displayed by the sole UK proud owner still enjoying it


Barry Sheene's Suzi

Just look what we got our grubby mitts on--THE XR14 square 4 500, the actual bike which Barry rode to his first ever 500 win at Assen


Morini Riders Club Track Day at Cadwell Park Circuit, Lincs  June 18th 09

With MRC's normal well deserved good luck, this  Year's event was held in beautiful , ideal weather. Everyone had loads of track  time, Singles included a Settebello, our Tresette Sprint , even a race Tiger  Cub, our Morini 350/501 " The Beast" made a welcome return [foreground , 2nd from left], our friends from Belgium were able to make time to come again[3rd from left]. A little gem of a day. Thank you MRC


That's Stuart [Sales ,left] on his Tresette Sprint 175, and  Ollie [W/shop, right] on a 3 1/2 Sport


Factory Training for NLM Technicians at M V Agusta


Photos from l-r

1] The Factory entrance--. the derelict building is locally  referred to as the Conference Centre

2] Inside the Assembly area we saw the large QC Dept, and in this picture the Cylinder head assembly area

3] Fascinating--- a whole bike on a trolley prior to assembly. Each part is in a designated moulding

4] After assembly a full test procedure in one of the Dyno chambers, every bike up to full working temperature

5] A view across the Lake Varese from the Training Workshop--idyllic, perfect for a stroll along the Lakeside after a fresh lunch in the Factory Canteen

6] Inside that immaculate W/S with Gabrielle, one of the two men who worked hard to train us The facilities , bikes, and motors made available for Training were 1st class

7] The R&D Dept --Several top secret , exciting projects are fast approaching completion


The Cholmondley Pageant of Power August 9/10 2008-

Everyone enjoyed the first Year of what proved to be an outstanding classic event. It will be repeated for many years to come,  and offered a North-of-Watford alternative to the Goodwood Festival of  Speed , or the Louis Vuitton "do". The theme was iconic vehicles from across the  ages , sponsored by Bentley, Breitling. H&H and more, a huge selection of F2 and  other .Speedboats competed  on the Lake, and a freshly up-rated track was provided within the grounds for cars and bikes. Helicopters too, all in the  picturesque valley grounds  below the Castle. NLM was invited to bring along our own Vincent Black Shadow, Ducati 916SPS. a friend's Ducati 900SS Beval,  and another friend, Pete Goulden, generously lent back to us his MV Agusta F4 1000 312 which emphatically took the bike FTD [fastest time of day], against very stiff opposition from famous bikes and famous top riders Only a couple of cars, one a  purpose built WRC with 1000bhp and 4WD was just able to keep the MV  from overall FTD. The cars included road and modern F1 ,many other race Formulae through different periods, to an 1896 de Dion Bouton... The range of vehicles left every petrol-head gasping, it was simply stunning, two days were barely enough to see it all. If you did not come this Year, do try next, it is a brilliant weekend .


Pictures from left to right show

1 Castle overlooking a small part of the show

2 Our Vincent Black Shadow in quality company, a Vanwall

3&4 The large public screen following our MV around the course to FTD

5 That big TV screen-full of Bentley makes a wonderful backcloth to the Veteran  horseless carriage preparing for the course

Incidentally , we attended the 2009 CPoP and won FTD at that too, what a hoot !-


Flat track Morini in the USA


These photos were kindly given by Al Webber, who rides and has prepared this unusual Morini to a high [and competitive] standard. The bike shows the result of many hours and much skill in the workshop [Al-- our humble congratulations]. Update for 2011--Al is LEADING his class this Year., He goes round and round with North Leicester Motorcycles stickers on his tail, to give the rest a focus to follow!


Donington Park Race Circuit BSB round

Race rider Chris Burns with our latest model 1078Our  1078RR & Brutale inside STP's classy awning

We attended with our MV road bikes to support the STP Team racing MV Agusta 312, Rider Chris Burns qualified well in Pos 12 , but was bitterly disappointed with DNF in the race due to failure of the only non  standard part on the bike, an experimental electrical system.



Shane Byrne [Shakey] and his MV 312. Cadwell Circuit


Shane took delivery of this new M V Agusta F4 1000 312

 at Cadwell .This is the second MV he has bought from us.  [ Thank you Shane] We added a few tasteful carbon fibre parts before delivery.  Clearly a man of good taste and discrimination.


The TT-Our MV 312 at the Isle of Man

MV 312 are not only the fastest Production bike in the World,  they also make totally reliable tourers., notice our fully laden demo bike on  the way up, and lounging at various Island highspots--Creg ny Baa, Tynwald Hill Inn, and Point of Aire. There is a German Brutale in there next to our 312 as  well. What a great week.



More "Shakey"  Snetterton

When Shakey saw our van with his new Brutale coming into the pits , he was out of his Motorhome and into the back of our van almost before it  had stopped moving. We really appreciated his sincere enthusiasm. He then went straight out on his race bike and set pole time, which left us wondering if the  rest of the field would do better if they owned MV as well -just give us a ring  !


Photo 1&2  Shakey and his Dad, before we even got the  bike out of the van for him Photo 3,4&5 The "formal" poses,